Croydon Webinars

Croydon Webinars

As a result of the Covid-19 lockdown all of our talks will now be offered as Webinars under the title ‘Croydon Webinars’.

Please use our email address to register your interest and give us permission to use your email address to send you invitations and updates on our webinar series.

These webinars are held with Zoom software and you will be sent an email with a link to enable you to join the webinar at the appropriate time. These webinars are free of charge although donations are welcome to contribute to our running costs.

practical philosophy course online via zoom


On Friday 5th May, 2023, Ian Alston will address us on THE SPIRITUAL SIGNIFICANCE OF THE MONARCHY. On this, the Eve of the Coronation, Ian will take us through all the stages of the ceremony, focusing on the Oath and the Anointing and showing how it binds the country together into a United Kingdom. It

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Shakespeare’s Philosophy and the illusion of Life

 Celebratings the Bard’s Birthday. Sunday 30th April 2023         10.00 am until 11.15 am Martin Bloomfield, a long-time member of the School of Philosophy and Economic Science, and fond of the Bard’s words, with Janet Murray and Sean M Kelly, will explore Shakespeare’s philosophical interest in the illusion of life. This will be an on-line event using

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Ethical Entrepreneur
Past events

Ethical Entrepreneur (20 Nov 2022)

Paul Palmarozza, is a long-time member of the School and at the same timea successful business leader. He has been a tutor in the school for many years, and written books about the application of timeless values and principles in business and in life. He has also been a Guest Lecturer at business schools in

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queen platinum jubilee talk
Past events

Queen’s Jubilee Talk (24 July 2022)

A Talk about Her Majesty the Queen Platinum Jubilee 2022 Ian Alston will lead the talk and discussion. As the Queen becomes older, people are more aware than ever of her great qualities: She is arguably a personification of all the virtues of Sanatana Dharma. Ian will discuss these qualities of the Queen whilst at

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How our introductory courses work

A tutor presents philosophical ideas, and leads a discussion based on what arises in the group. Being practical rather than academic, the emphasis is on personal knowledge and experience. Students are encouraged neither to accept nor reject the ideas put forward, but to test them in practice for themselves, in the light of their own experience.

Local Course

Local face-to-face evening courses available in Central London W1U 3AJ.

Peace of Mind

Following all Health & Safety guidelines for your complete peace of mind.

Practical Wisdom

Courses in practical wisdom for everyday living. Meet with like minded individuals.

This popular course is practical rather than academic and draws on sources of wisdom from East and West, past and present.

What some of our students say...

philosophy course reviews
“Absolutely loving the course!!"

“Absolutely loving the course!! …Really changing how I think about things and life in general.”

philosophy course reviews
“...I am benefiting greatly ..."

“...I am benefiting greatly from the content and the practical nature of it. Thank you, it is enriching my life.”

philosophy course reviews
“I feel more relaxed...”

“The daily awareness exercises … have changed my thinking and I feel more relaxed about situations in the media and other aspects of my daily life.”

philosophy course reviews
"...helped me..."

"The knowledge and experience that I have gained from the philosophy classes has helped me to discover more about myself and better prepare for dealing with life's daily surprises and challenges."

Frequently asked questions about our courses

The course is practical in the sense that it is designed to be of direct use in our everyday lives. The intention is to stimulate enquiry and through this expand the way we look at the world and ourselves.

Online or by calling 0208 688 2634.

If you register online, you will receive a confirmation email with your day of attendance. If you register by any means other than online, you will receive a receipt confirming your registration.

Yes, we have a local Croydon venue where you can attend the course face-to-face. We also have other venues across the UK.

No, all you need is an open and enquiring mind. The course is intended for everyone, regardless of education, occupation, race, political or religious belief.

Face-to-face meetings will be held safely following all Health & Safety guidelines for your complete peace of mind.

Yes, we offer an online version of the course via Zoom. To find out more visit:

Practical Philosophy Croydon course FAQs