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Is Odysseus’ Odyssey our Odyssey?

In Homer’s famous story ‘ the Odyssey’, Odysseus encounters many trials and adventures, both on a physical and a metaphysical level.  This has entered public cognition to this day as the term ‘an Odyssey’ – a lengthy journey of some sort. In this talk Carolyn Saunders briefly outlines Odysseus’ journey in context so that we may

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On Friday 5th May, 2023, Ian Alston will address us on THE SPIRITUAL SIGNIFICANCE OF THE MONARCHY. On this, the Eve of the Coronation, Ian will take us through all the stages of the ceremony, focusing on the Oath and the Anointing and showing how it binds the country together into a United Kingdom. It

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Shakespeare’s Philosophy and the illusion of Life

 Celebratings the Bard’s Birthday. Sunday 30th April 2023         10.00 am until 11.15 am Martin Bloomfield, a long-time member of the School of Philosophy and Economic Science, and fond of the Bard’s words, with Janet Murray and Sean M Kelly, will explore Shakespeare’s philosophical interest in the illusion of life. This will be an on-line event using

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Ethical Entrepreneur
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Value-based Leadership and the Ethical Entrepreneur

Sunday  11 December 2022. Paul Palmarozza, is a long-time member of the School and at the same time a successful business leader. He has been a tutor in the school for many years, and written books about the application of timeless values and principles in business and in life. He has also been a Guest

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